Fun with Pattern

Patterns can turn a simple drawing into a masterpiece and it's such a relaxing activity! If you get stuck for ideas, you can look for patterns all around you - they're everywhere!  Have a look at the photos below and see if you can guess what they are:

Have a go at following our step by step instructions on creating patterned drawings:

you will need.jpg

You will need...

Paper, pens, crayons or a pen


Step 1:

You could draw the outline of anything - it could be an object in your home, an animal, letters, buildings or simply shapes.


Step 2:

Divide the object or shape into sections.


Step 3:

Start filling in the areas with different patterns.

And there you have it! Your own masterpiece that you can display on your wall, give to a friend or save to use in another piece of artwork!

Want some more inspiration? Check out the work of Giulia, the pattern queen of Artbox:

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