About Us

Artbox was set up in 2011 to provide much needed opportunities for people with learning disabilities and autism to access the arts and be included in their local community.

We run art workshops from our studio in Islington, go on trips to museums and galleries in Central London and provide exhibition and sales opportunities so that each of the artists can exhibit, sell and earn an income from their work. 

We're a registered charity and social enterprise. This means that all of our profits go back to supporting people with learning disabilities. 

Find out more about the main areas of our work:


Workshops take place in Islington. The artists work with volunteers to try techniques such as collage, painting, embroidery, model making, photography and printmaking.

The workshops are fun and sociable. All the artists follow their own inspiration and develop their own ideas - for people who might have limited choice in other areas of their lives, the workshops are a valuable chance to explore their own identity and become more independent.

Everyone is together. It’s good to see everyone’s artwork. I feel happy inside.
— Shannon, artist

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We organise trips to art galleries and libraries in central London. This is a fantastic way for the artists to learn about art, get new ideas and take part in the cultural life of the amazing city they live in.

We always take public transport during our trips, which helps the artists feel more confident getting around in London. Some artists now visit these places outside of Artbox, which is a great achievement.

It’s great for developing self-esteem and a sense of independence...for my daughter, it has contributed to a little bit of growing up.
— Parent of an Artbox artist

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Our exhibitions give the artwork the visibility and recognition it deserves.

The artists also attend, giving visitors an opportunity to meet with and get to know the artists and artwork. These interactions, however small, can make a big difference to people’s perceptions of learning disability, and help challenge stereotypes. 

It was wonderful to meet the artists on the night. They are such a talented bunch and so charismatic. The piece I bought is in pride of place on my desk, I absolutely love it!
— George

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Selling art

Artists have the chance to sell their work through Artbox’s exhibitions and online shop. Profits are split with the artists, giving them an independently-earned income, while helping fund our workshops, exhibitions and trips.

Many people with learning disabilities find it hard to get paid work and for some artists, selling their art might be the only time they earn money. The impact this has on their self-esteem is huge. 

After the exhibition I’m happy because I’m looking forward to the money... It feels like a proper job that other people do.
— Giulia, artist

One of the Artbox artists talking about the Secret Postcard Sale