Student Accommodation - How To Decorate Your Room On A Teeny Weeny Budget

Now that the A Level Results are in and you’ve gained that well deserved place at your first choice University - now the real work starts! Yes you guessed it! The all important student room transformation!

Like it or not, your space is a reflection of you.  Decorating your first rented room can be tricky. You can’t paint or nail anything to the wall, which doesn’t leave you with many options to do a significant room makeover. But don’t panic, just because you can’t hang your favourite poster of your Victoria Secret crush or even David Beckham to the wall (hey, we’re not judging!) why not consider purchasing affordable artwork? A small collection of art in mirrored desk frames or even a giant art piece leaned against the wall on the floor is a great way to add a burst of vibrant colour to a plain room. 

At ARTBOX, we sell a wide of unique art as well as a diverse range of prints.  With 50% of profits from art sales going back to the artists - not only is purchasing art a great investment piece but a good way of giving back to artists with learning disabilities.  As well as being sustainable and ethical,  framed artwork is always a great conversation starter! Be sure to impress your neighbours with our amazing range of art on offer - delivered just in time before you move in!

Need some inspiration on what to purchase? Have a browse at our favourite images below:

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