How To Become An Artist With Artbox London


Do you like to paint your beloved pet? Or maybe recreate drawings from your favourite cartoons? Why not turn your passion into a full time career! Here’s a quick guide on why you should become an artist with Artbox London:

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1. Enhanced skill set

Like the old saying goes ‘practice makes perfect’! It’s important to keep working on your craft and setting yourself a goal of creating new artwork regularly. As you improve, ultimately you will explore different techniques and grow in confidence. At Artbox London, we offer various weekly creative studio workshops with dedicated volunteers who will help you develop existing skills.

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2. Community of likeminded people

It can get a bit lonely when you become an artist. You may feel conscious at first for making money from your secret hobby. People may often question your pursuit and tell you to pursue a ‘normal’ career - whatever that means! That’s why it’s important to have a supportive network of people who can lift your morale and boost self confidence. We host regular trips to world famous London Art Galleries. Members of Artbox London get the opportunity to meet likeminded artists and make lifelong friends!

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3. Show the world what you’ve got! 

Now that you have followed steps 1 and 2 - you are now ready to become an artist! Woohoo! At Artbox, we showcase artists’ work through various channels including our online gallery. We take the hassle out of self promotion as we do that for you! Sales of artists’ artwork are split fairly by 50% for original artwork and all artists receive 25% from the sale of prints. Remaining profits go back into our growing organisation, funding exciting new projects such as a new art studio. We also host regular exhibitions and art markets, which even attract media attention, allowing artists to meet the buyers or visitors in person!

So there you have it - a quick guide on how to become an Artbox artist. If you would like to take your passions to the next level, fill out the form or find out more about the sessions we run by clicking here:

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