Great Big Story - Our Favourite Videos

A couple of weeks ago, we discussed the different ways you can find creativity in your everyday world. One of our favourite YouTube Channels, Great Big Story is excellent online channel that uncovers weird and wonderful stories from all around the globe. From a visually impaired artist creating ‘torch light art’ to a team who have transformed contaminated water into oil paints - it’s hard not to be inspired by the visionaries who are impacting the world by providing practical solutions to everyday problems. Be moved by the tales of originality and determination, as we count down our favourite videos from Great Big Story!

1. Gifted Artist has extraordinary ability to draw skyscrapers from one glance!

2. Ohio based painter and civil engineer join forces to provide an ethical solution to acid mine drainage

3. A Synesthete Artist can turn any pop song into a visual masterpiece!

4. Detroit-based entrepreneur helps homeless women turn scraps of graffiti into beautiful jewellery: 

5. Visual Impaired Artist creates a different type of art using a torch light! 

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