Fashion! Turn to the left. Fashion! Fashion!


Ok, so it's the last day of London Fashion Week and what better time to showcase the work of Alex, fashion illustrator extraordinaire!

Alex is one of our most prolific artists, creating numerous illustrations inspired by the crazy world of fashion. While creating in the new studio, Alex took a break from his art to answer a couple of questions on his inspiration and techniques:

AB: What inspires you?

Alex: Vogue, the fashion magazine. My interest in fashion is the style and shapes and colour of dresses.

AB: Tell us about how you create your pieces.

Alex: I use watercolour and black biro and sometimes I use Gimp, which is like Photoshop but free. I just use the basic features.

Here are a few examples of his recent work:

Check out Alex's profile and artwork to see more of his masterpieces: