We Found Hope In A Hopeless Place! How To Find Creative Inspiration Anywhere!

We have all experienced moments in life when we are stuck for new ideas. Sometimes we forget Rome wasn’t built in a day and in order to produce one great idea, we have to churn out many bad ones in the process. Below are some helpful techniques for sourcing artistic inspiration.

Shower your way to new thoughts!

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I know what you're thinking - the bathroom is probably the last place you would expect to jot down ideas for your next clay project but scientifically speaking it may be the only place in your home to generate an idea. In the midst of our often chaotic worlds, it is can be hard to listen to the voice of reason in our heads. According to Business Insider UK, showering is recommended for producing new concepts as the bathtub provides solace from the outside world of responsibilities and deadlines. So after finishing this article, we give you full permission to take a shower! 

Join Da Club!

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Joining a creative club is a fantastic way to find and exchange exciting ideas with others. As well as meeting new people, becoming a member of an artistic collective can open you up to more opportunities both professionally and personally. From sewing to painting, there's something out there for everyone. If you haven't joined us already, sign up to a workshop or the open access studio sessions at Artbox London.

Get online!


What would we do without YouTube? The site that gave the world ‘bitten fingers’ and made ‘Gangnam Style’ an unlikely cultural phenomenon, YouTube is a fantastic online hub bursting with varied, tantalising content. As a creative,  YouTube is a great resource for all your artistic needs. You can learn a new skill with the various online tutorials out there such as this one (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yF5NpDdI4Q) or be moved by stories of ingenuity from all around the planet (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCajXeitgFL-rb5-gXI-aG8Q).  It’s easy to be mesmerised (or distracted!) for hours on end by tales of innovation and overcoming adversity.  You never know the power of the next viral hit - it may inspire your next masterpiece!

Voila! Your quick guide to finding new creative ideas! Do you agree with our list? How do you find new ideas? Be sure to comment below!

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