It makes me feel calmed and relaxed

In the artist spotlight this week is the talented artist Christopher, discussing his art, inspiration and how his creativity helps him make friends and build relationships!

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Artbox London: Can you tell us about your art?

Christopher: My art is drawing. I draw pictures of people like celebrities, family friends, people I meet, characters from films and television, members of the Royal Family etc. Lately I been looking for more inspiration and I been drawing landscapes and cityscapes from photos that I take, photos people sent me and postcards that I buy in markets and charity shops etc. The materials I use are pencils, coloured pencils, thick pens to do the lines and thick cartridge paper which I like because it makes the colours really strong.

Artbox London:  When did you become interested in art?

Christopher: I always liked drawing when I was little but I became really interested when I was at a Residential School near Brighton and my teacher suggested I do some drawing to cheer me up when I was missing home.

Artbox London: What inspires you?


Christopher: Drawing pictures of people which I send to them to see what they think of it and then we can have a conversation about it and I can keep in touch with them.

Artbox London:  What does creating art mean to you?

Christopher: Creating art makes me feel comfortable and calm as it's one of my calming strategies from when I am feeling stressed. It also helps me make friends with people and keep in touch with my friends.

Artbox London: What kind of art do you like the most and why?

Christopher: Portraits and cartoons.

Artbox London: Is there a particular piece of art or an artist that you enjoy the work of?

Christopher: The artists I like are Roy Litchenstein, Andy Warhol etc.

Artbox London: Is there an achievement that you’re particularly proud of?

Christopher: Selling my work - also I won 4th prize in The Hoffman Autism Art Prize in 2009 and I like it when people tell me that they like my work.

Artbox London: How does art make you feel?

Christopher: It makes me feel relaxed and calm and helps me to concentrate.  Art is my favourite hobby and draw all the time when I'm at home.

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