Artbox at CZWG Architects

On June 7th Artbox took part in this year’s ‘London Festival of Architecture’ with an exhibition of work at CZWG Architects’ office in Farringdon. The practice was responding to the theme of ‘boundaries’ by hosting an architectural colouring in competition, and asked Artbox to provide some prints and original works to use as inspiration for the guests while they coloured in the drawings of current CZWG projects.

The works by the artists that were shown at the London Festival of Architecture all tied in with the architectural theme, and also the theme of the most recent in house exhibition ‘Cities’. The prints ranged from City scape collages by Ashley, to illustrations of the highlights of a London daytrip by Lee.


The artwork was extremely well received by visitors and staff and it was requested that the prints stay in the office lobby longer than planned so that some clients and staff who couldn’t make it to the event were able to appreciate it.

One of the practice partners Sanjiv Gohil said of the exhibition “It has been fantastic to see such an array of colourful and considered pieces on display, by such clearly talented artists, and all of us at CZWG hope to see more from Artbox in the future.”

Some prints were sold, and the artists really enjoyed hearing that their work was to be shown in a new setting to so many people.

Practice connections:

One of our Saturday volunteers currently works for CZWG Architects and really enjoyed seeing the work being so well received. Another member of staff at the practice also accompanies their nephew, one of our newest artists Felix, to his Thursday morning studio session.