Concrete Jungle - Artbox Studio Exhibition: 6th June 6-9pm

- By Constance

I have been volunteering at Artbox London once a week since the beginning of March and I absolutely love it!

On Tuesday I had the pleasure of framing recent artwork and setting up the next studio exhibition, Concrete Jungle, which will be next Thursday from 6-9pm.

Since I was able to get a sneak peak into all the artist’s works, I can say that everyone has created some incredible pieces!

Being from Chicago I am only just starting to learn about English culture. Through Nathan’s illustrations of the Queen Victoria pub and Kathy’s Cafe, I’ve been introduced to Eastenders.


Ashley has some great collages including one of a taxi, inspired by her dad who is a black cab driver.

And Helen’s Arc de Triomphe is proving to show a great development towards a very distinctive style.


The artists are not just limited to London cityscapes but also inspired by people, places and things. The exhibition also features a mix of bold and strong abstracts from geometric to abstractive expressionist pieces.

I’ve been in awe of David’s largest piece to date called Shapes and many colours, made up of many collages. I really like collage pieces such as Chantel’s portraits, which are very colourful and imaginative.


Another great piece is by Lee, who has illustrated a fantastic map of London, awesome for me since I’m new to London. I’m so thrilled for the artists and their upcoming show, it really is a huge inspiration to me being surrounded by such welcoming people!

These are just a handful of standout pieces but you really have to come to the exhibition and see for yourself - I’m sure you’ll be amazed!

Concrete Jungle: 6th June 6-9pm

Artbox Studio, 195-199 Caledonian Road, London N1 0SL