Trip to the Tate Modern

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 12.16.21.png

On Saturday 28th April the curious artists from Saturday Artbox sessions, gathered packed and ready for an expedition to explore the Tate Modern.

After splitting into teams, Giulia lead everyone via the No. 17 Bus to St Pauls, where we disembarked and triumphantly crossed the windy, wet millennium bridge to arrive at the Tate Modern.

Before launching in to the art, we decided to have some lunch in the quiet group rooms downstairs. It wasn't quiet for long though as we were treated to scrummy cakes and singing to celebrate Shannon’s birthday, as well as a full dancing routine of Pharell William’s Happy, by Toiyn and Shannon.


Now well energised, the small groups or Artists and volunteers set off to roam through the free exhibitions on various levels of the building, on the look out for inspiration for up coming art pieces and the summer exhibition.

In a room displaying a range of sculptures, many artists took a liking to Yayoi Kusama's The Passing Winter which involved peering into an mirror-lined box with cut-out holes, that gave the illusion of an infinite space and balls of light.

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 12.10.44.png

An animation video installation in The Tanks had characters in it that could be likened to these drawn previously by Toiyn, and which also inspired Shannon and Bobbie to do more dancing, this time - line-dance style!

On the 4th floor, Nicholas became particularly interested in Kader Attia's CousCous sandcastles and the cracks in their formation. Nicholas wished to capture the piece by doing a sketch - which would also become his 1108th drawing.


Chris and Anna enjoyed taking some photos of the panoramic views from the top of the building too and Giulia took a liking to this photograph!


After several hours of exploration it was time to navigate the lift system and reconvene with the bigger group to head back to Artbox!

Everyone had a good time exploring the free installations at the Tate. Watch this space for some newly inspired pieces from the Artbox Artists!


Special thanks to Sophie, who joined us on this trip and wrote this blogpost.