Meet Joel

Joel - 2.jpg

Joel has been working at Artbox since 2011. In his latest interview he talks us through how art allows him to turn his imagination into reality, by making mixed medium models that are magnificent! 

Artbox London: Hi Joel, tell us a bit about your work.

Joel: I make models of creatures. I just made this lizard.

Artbox London: How do you come up with such colourful creations?

Joel: I started by drawing my ideas on paper and then I thought let’s make it out of Lego and then I had another idea, let me cover it with clay. I use socks for skin and gems and googley eyes for eyes. I use hard drying clay for teeth, can you see his fangs? Here I have joined pieces of Lego for the tail, this is a new idea that I am trying out at the moment. 

Artbox London: What are your ideas inspired by mainly?

Joel: My ideas come from TV but most things I think from my own mind, imagination. The Power Rangers is a big inspiration though.

Artbox London: What do your models mean to you?

Joel: They give me joy. It just puts me in a good mood. Happy. I feel proud of myself now this one is nearly finished. With the tail I am going to paint it light green for its skin and the clothes. 

Artbox London: How long does it take you to make a piece?

Joel: Sometimes a year! But it depends. It can take me about 1 year, or 5 weeks or 10 weeks. This one has taken me about 20 weeks I think.

Artbox London: That’s a lot of hard work and concentration.

Joel: Well an artist once said to me that if you want to be an artist it will take practice. Sometimes you don’t feel like sleeping or eating all day you just want to create. Keep practicing and be dedicated. 

Artbox London: Where have you got all these socks from!

Joel: They are my own ones. I would never take anyone else’s!

Artbox London: Do you know anyone else who makes models and sculptures like yours?

Joel: No. Just me. I thought of this myself.

Artbox London: Is model making the medium of art you like the most?

Joel: I prefer making models. I used to do more drawings but not much anymore. It’s like people moving on from buying tapes, CDs and records. For me I have moved forward onto model making.

Artbox London: Is there any piece that you are particularly proud of?

Joel:I’m proud of all of them!