Written by Studio volunteer, Qi:

“I was tongue tied because I had so much to say,” recalls one of the artists of the breath-taking moment when she stood in front of a packed room of family (her mum included), friends and the public. Then it all poured out as she captured the astonishing efforts she puts into her work. She felt fantastic!

So began a stirring start to Artbox’s biggest 2018 art show: the ARTiculate Exhibition at the Cello Factory, celebrating each artist’s unique voice though collages, paintings and more. Shout-out to Susan who helped to provide the two level factory chic space.

This year, we’ve created 5 mini-documentaries in collaboration with the master of communication: Facebook, which premiered to adoring fans at the exhibition. Lots of wiping of eyes in the crowd. Go to the bottom of the page to watch the mini-docs starring ARTiculate artists Joel, Toyin, Shuti, Chantelle and Hisba.

Madeline led the three day pre-show march towards success with the Artbox volunteers, and we’re delighted when another tech giant sent a few secret geniuses to help. Well done to all those that pitched in!

There was a constant stream of people buzzing in and the long line to the till to grab a few pieces of the action. I managed to snag a popping graffiti piece by artist Ashley (I was sneaky and told everyone that it was mine during show prep in case they get any ideas).

Each of you that took home a work made by our artists is making a difference! You’ve contributed a whopping £1,700 that’s going to make more creative ways possible for these artist with developmental disabilities to voice who they are to the world, and made your home and office more beautiful.

Now the good time does not stop just because the exhibition has wrapped up: click here to find an art piece that speaks to you today.

Madeline AltermanComment