An awesome year for Artbox London

May. Some might think it's a bit of a strange time to reflect on the last 12 months - and to be honest, they'd probably be right! However for Artbox, it's around this time of year when we take stock: submit our accounts, write our reports and think about what we've achieved. 

Luckily we don't think there's ever a bad time to let you know how your support is helping - so here are some of our biggest and best highlights from 2015/16:

  1. We've provided over 100 workshop sessions for over 50 artists with learning disabilities. Almost a year ago we opened a third weekly group on Friday mornings, which gave us the opportunity to get to know the amazing Richard the first, Richard the second, Lee, Chantel, Joanna, Ashley, Trevor, Gary and Matthew. We've also recently welcomed Samuel, Fred and Joe, who are making an huge impression on Saturday mornings (thanks Chris Cooper for spreading the word!) Watch this space for artist bios and exciting new artwork in the shop - we'll get all the new artists up and running online as soon as we can! 

  2. We sold over 90 pieces of artwork, meaning our artists earned some well-deserved cash and their work is now hanging pride of place in homes across London. Visit our shop to grab an affordable print for yourself!

  3. In August we teamed up with FOLD Gallery and 35 internationally-renowned artists for our hugely popular Secret Postcard Sale, which saw our artists exhibiting alongside professionals on the same anonymous platform. Some of the postcards are still available to buy here

  4. We've taken our groups to see the Tate's Sonia Delauney and Alexander Calder exhibitions, Rachel Heller's exhibition at Flower's Gallery, and we've also visited the Barbican Centre's arts library to learn about other artists. 

  5. Finally, we know all our artists are capable of great things, but this year, particularly big shout outs go to Chris Cooper, who received an award from the Mayor of Islington for his contribution to civic life; Sabrina, who presented her work at the Royal Academy; Hisba, who became a volunteer; and Shannon, who took the tube to our summer programme on her own for the first time ever! 

2016 is going to be even more special as we celebrate our 5th anniversary. We'd love to keep in touch - sign up to our newsletter for updates, offers, and details of upcoming events.