Why Hisba loves volunteering with Artbox

Welcome to the Artbox blog! 

For our first post, Hisba (artist and volunteer) tells us why she "feels better when she's helping others". Hisba started coming to Artbox as an artist 5 years ago (and still does), but earlier this year she started volunteering on Saturday afternoons too. Along with Artbox's other studio volunteers, Hisba helps the artists with practical things as well as helping them develop their ideas, find inspiration and feel comfortable in the studio. 

If you're interested in volunteering in the Artbox studio, get in touch! In the meantime, here's Hisba:   

I love volunteering at Artbox - it makes me feel confident through helping others. I’ve been here a long time and I know everyone who comes, they’re my friends. It makes me feel very proud to help the artists with their work and to tell people about what we do at Artbox.

In our Saturday sessions I help the artists turn their ideas into art and if someone is new to the group and they’re feeling shy I help them feel comfortable. I’ve been interviewed on TV speaking about my volunteering. ITV News interviewed me and an artist called Tim Ellis who works with us. They asked me about my artwork and filmed it, which was great. I won't tell a lie, I used to be nervous before going on TV but now I’m used to it and I’m not scared. I was told to be myself and not to be nervous. My family was so proud of me. I asked them the other day “did anyone see me on TV?” and they all put their hands up.

"I like being given responsibility"

Artbox is really helping me to grow and develop my life. I like being given responsibility. My life feels better when I'm helping others. It’s really important to listen carefully so I help the others with listening skills and how to communicate with sign language.

I've visited big offices like Pricewaterhouse Cooper and the RSA to help set up a Christmas market and explain to the people who work there what I do. We also sold the artists’ work and I told people all about everyone’s ideas.

"In the future I'd like to volunteer internationally"

The Artbox leaders are really happy and excited to see me working with the artists. In the future I’d like to volunteer internationally. I’d also like to be a project director, like Madeline who runs Artbox. I’d like to take care of many things, like she does. She and Diana (another leader at Artbox) are amazing.

Thanks Hisba! We think you're amazing too :) 

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