Lucy brings lots of laughter to the studio as well as a genuine interest in her peers. She is keen to help others and ensure that everyone is comfortable in the studio. After researching other artists at home and in the studio, Lucy has developed a new style, creating abstract pieces comprising of bold patterns. In one piece the cheering arc of a rainbow is illustratively rendered in felt tip. This rainbow silhouette then recurs in a collage in which arches are put together to make a circle, interposed with linear elements. In other pieces, triangles are put together in regular geometric lines, or overlaid to create irregular stars. There is a tangible freedom to Lucy’s work, which can be seen by the variety in the abstract pieces she produces and her tremendous capacity for experimentation. Lucy says, “I love it and I’ve learned a lot - like collage, printmaking, painting portraits. Sometimes it’s hard to make art, especially portraits, but I feel good and satisfied when I’ve challenged myself. It makes me feel good when my art sells. When people say compliments about my art it makes me feel a good feeling in the heart.”