Lee produces art inspired by the culture and language of ancient Egypt, which has fascinated him since he first studied the subject at school. This has led to the nickname “Lee-gyptologist” amongst his fellow artists at Artbox. He works using textbooks about ancient Egypt as source material, making working drawings of images of interest. A recent painting used brightly coloured hieroglyphics as the building blocks for a densely patterned work, combining the letters so closely that they cease to appear as obvious linguistic elements.  Lee also produces small scale clay sculptures, lavishly painted in gold and lapis blue, evoking the animal-headed clay pots used in ancient Egyptian burial rites. Lee is a big fan of the social aspect of Artbox as well and always takes part in our outings. He loves all kinds of art and culture and relishes any type of exhibition we visit. Lee enthuses, “I couldn’t believe how much it was when I got my money. It was the first time I got paid – I couldn’t believe it. I thought no way would I get money and then I did.”