Hisba is passionate about abstract art, and is continually finding new ways to experiment with shapes and materials. Architecture, art history, textiles, and different cultures are among the most important themes in her art and these are continually referred to in her sketchbooks and outcomes. Her work includes geometric pieces based on combinations of triangles or of quadrilaterals, and pieces with fluid lines referencing Japanese woodblock prints. Recently she has created art which explores the dynamic, rhythmic application of paint to a surface, inspired by the work of Jackson Pollock. She has also drawn on the work of Bryce Marden to create paintings of curvilinear, string like structures, which, while abstract, are evocative of organic forms in the natural world. Hisba is extremely hardworking, which is reflected in her large body of work and the fact that she attends the studio three days a week. An excellent communicator, she has delivered several presentations and a live TV interview about her artwork and her involvement with Artbox. In Hisba’s words, “I feel I have full potential and many opportunities when I see people like and buy my art. I feel like an international artist and I call myself an artist.”