Mindfulness and Meditation: Tips from our studio guru

Over the last year, we’ve offered mindfulness and mediation to people with learning disabilities, parents, support staff and volunteers. These are great ways to de-stress, relax and take time to check in on yourself.

Our Saturday morning group benefits from two gurus, who have been gently leading the group into meditations, helping all of us to relax and fully connect with the moment.

Lucy, an Artbox artist and expert on meditation, has kindly taken the time out from her work placement (well done Lucy!) to tell us a little more:


Q. How do you think meditation and mindfulness helps?

LB: It helps to stop anxiety and stress in daily life

Q. How has meditation helped you?

LB: It helps me feel good and positive about my life and love

Q. Can you describe what you do at the beginning of Artbox when you lead the group into a meditation?

LB. I start talking in a gentle voice and start talking about things in our daily life while meditating.

Q. How do you feel when you help others to meditate?

LB. When I help others I feel appreciated

Q. What are your top tips for meditating?

LB. Sit comfortably, stay in position, eyes closed, breathing, not thinking too much

Thanks Lucy!

To hear more about our year of mindfulness and the impact of all of our work, download our Impact Report.

If you would like to learn more about Lucy and see her artwork, click here:

And to have a go yourself, get in touch to join a session or try the meditation below: