Meet Chris

Chris has been attending the Artbox studio since 2012 and has transformed from a shy and reserved young person into one of our most experimental artists.

During his time with us, Chris found paid work in a creative agency in Clerkenwell and has continually pushed politicians, as well as councils, organisations, companies and individuals to do more for people with learning disabilities and autism.

When he’s not busy working or advocating for the rights of people with learning disabilities and autism, Chris likes to get creative.

In the last few months, Chris has taken photographs of buildings and interiors across London before adapting them in Photoshop to create fun, surreal and sometimes scary environments. His work often explores his feelings and experiences as an autistic person.

In the piece below, Chris is looking at a building that is going through work and change, which in a city like London, is a common site. Chris has recreated the sky and added a shark to the scene, which reminds us that change and gentrification can be threatening and scary for some.

Screenshot 2019-08-29 at 17.33.55.png

Chris also photographed detail within an interior and then adapted the images in Photoshop. In the piece below, Chris photographed looked at materials within a box, which Chris saw as being restricted, 'boxed in' and forgotten about. Chris has added colour and focus to this area, drawing parallel's with his support of the inclusion of people with learning disabilities and autism and his desire to see their abilities recognised.

Screenshot 2019-08-29 at 17.34.13.png

To see more of Chris’s art or to buy a piece, click on the link below:

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