Experience Something Different

We’ve started to open up for one off sessions and experiences, giving the public a chance to step into the studio to try something creative.

On Sunday, a group from Experience Something Different learnt how to make their own knot wraps using the ancient art of Shibori, a Japanese dying technique, involving tying, folding and pinching fabric to create wonderful patterns.

Hisba, an Artbox artist who has started to teach both groups and 1-to-1 with other Artbox artists, supported the group to create their beautiful designs. And what a great job she did: all participants, (including a very creative 4 year old) finished the session with a lovely knot wrap to take home - check out the results below!

If you’re interested in getting creative, head to our events page to get signed up to a one off BYOB Life Drawing on Thursday 23rd May 7-9pm.

We also recommend heading over to the Experience Something Different website, where you’ll find a huge range of experiences. Whether it's puppy training, screen-printing, pilates, whisky tasting, Vietnamese cookery, paddle boarding, graffiti, sourdough, learn to code, gliding, spend a day with a scientist or whatever it is, the possibilities are numerous and all these experiences contribute to something good!