Print Exhibition

In April we decided to have a small exhibition of our prints and some original pieces at Attic Self Storage in King’s Cross. It sounded strange at first - an art exhibition at a storage facility? However, when we saw Attic’s gorgeous new office and reception area we knew it would work. The big bright room full of natural light is perfect for displaying art and has lots of space for mingling.

We’ve been in partnership with Attic for about a year now and they have several of our pieces on permanent display throughout their office. They’ve been fantastically supportive ever since finding out about Artbox, meeting our artists, showing our work and spreading the word. It's wonderful that a local business chooses to support a community organisation like ours whilst also decorating their space. We're really glad to be working with them.  

The space worked fantastically for the exhibition with art on every wall, shelf and window as well as easels throughout the room. We even displayed Joel’s sculpture of a Day Centre - a huge piece! - in the middle of the room. There was a great turn-out, the room full of people, mingling, sipping prosecco and taking in the new work. Many of our artists were in attendance, taking the opportunity to show off their work to the public and tell people more about what we do. Exhibitions like this are a brilliant occasion for Artbox to fulfill our goal of introducing people to those with learning disabilities, who may not have had the chance before. The social environment allows everyone to really get to know each other and see our artists’ pride in their work - and everyone has a fun evening too! As usually we just have one big exhibition a year, it was really great to be able to show newly created pieces, meet a lot of new faces and offer a chance to buy affordable art. The evening was a great success.

The kindness of the Attic’s staff was really touching. They all went out of their way to assist with anything we needed, helped with promotion, set-up, and hosted throughout the evening. It’s a great inspiration that not only the owners but the entire team support our work and wholeheartedly welcomed our artists, family and friends. It is great to see a business use local and beneficial art to decorate their space and learn about local causes. We can’t wait for the next exhibition!