Mali - Chinese Dragon

Mali - Chinese Dragon

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Brighten up your walls while helping the lives of people with learning disabilities and Autism.

 Product details

  • Unframed

  • Printed on Somerset Satin Enhanced Paper 

  • We only print when we get an order so we can reduce our wastage.

  • This piece can be slotted straight into standard A4, A3 A2 or A1 frames.

  • International delivery can be arranged on request.

  • If you are displaying art in your workplace and would like to show your employees and customers your charitable side, we can send cards to go alongside the artwork, with information on the artist and organisation.

  • If you would like to licence this image, get in touch

Where your money goes

  • 50% of profits from the sale of prints goes directly to the artist.

  • 50% of profits from the sale of prints goes towards funding our workshops for adults with learning disabilities.

About the artist:

Mali is fascinated by the interaction of animals and people in different environments. He creates narrative based works in response with a wide variety of characters and situations. The works develop from a non-traditional process of using the ‘Brushes’ application to draw and paint on an iPad. Mali is able to observe and create very rapidly a large series of pieces. His highly prolific output means that many different avenues are explored and this later informs larger and more materially sensitive pieces. For example Mali has produced large paintings measuring over 3 meters depicting different characters from his stories. The juxtaposition between traditional and non-traditional techniques creates an exciting dialogue between the hand made and the digital. Both are readily embraced to develop his work with dynamic colour combinations and expressive marks. 

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