Nicholas - Waves

Nicholas - Waves

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  • Printed on Somerset Satin Enhanced Paper 

50% of the profits from print sales are returned to the artists. The remaining 50% helps us to fund our workshops for adults with learning disabilities.

About the artist:

Nicholas’ work focuses in on seascapes, from the calm still waters to the rhythmic movement of the waves. His passion of the sea stems from visits to Watergate Bay in Cornwall. There he drew and immersed himself in the landscape, collecting pebbles which were taken back to the studio and drawn around to create frames for his paintings. At present he works on canvas creating gestural paintings capturing movement. These pictures are populated with characters such as sailors and mermaids. Nicholas likes to be close to nature and also paints in a conservatory, bathed in natural light. This creates a fresh quality to the work, with cool colours seemingly moving about the canvas.


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