Anna - Blue & Yellow

Anna - Blue & Yellow

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  • Printed on Somerset Satin Enhanced Paper 

50% of the profits from print sales are returned to the artists. The remaining 50% helps us to fund our workshops for adults with learning disabilities.

About the artist:

Anna produces abstract pictures that combine many different textures and colour combinations. Her work is very experimental exploring shape and form, in various compositions. The often-playful works are developed from photographs she takes while exploring urban and domestic spaces. Anna focuses in on certain details in the photographs and gradually abstracts the information, reducing and pairing it down to the simplest of forms. A process of experimentation then takes place; whereby combinations of texture and colour are developed and arranged. She then develops bright paintings and textile pieces in response that have a strong sense of pattern. In some instances fabrics are collaged together to form large sewn wall based pictures. These have a strong sense of line produced by sewing into the works and by the different colour combinations.

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