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By joining Artbox, you’ll have the chance to sell your artwork through our exhibitions, markets and online shop. You can sell original artwork and we can also make and sell prints of your artwork. This means that you can sell keep the original piece if you wish. 

If you do decide to sell your artwork, you would get 50% of the profit if a piece sells, and Artbox would get the other 50%. This means we can keep on running the workshops, exhibitions and trips, and help you and other people with learning disabilities become artists and join the Artbox studio.

That night I thought there’s no way that will sell but it actually did. I just couldn’t believe when the woman that I never known said ‘I got one of yours for a friend’. I was still in shock that night – I thought to myself ‘no’.
I couldn’t believe how much it was when I got my money. It was the first time I got paid – I couldn’t believe it. I though no way would I get money and then I did.
— Lee, an Artbox artist who sold four pieces at the exhibition in 2016

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