Meet Richard


Richard loves coming to Artbox, both to make art and to make friends. He is keen to see his fellow artists, and to hear what they have been up to. 

He loves to produce work that reflects nature and the animal world, often employing striking colour combinations. Whilst he has always been enthusiastic in his production, we are increasingly noticing a greater concentration from him in the sessions. When once he might have been only focused for half an hour, he is now able to work for a full hour to hour and a half. This is significant as it means he is ever more able to achieve the goals he sets himself in the sessions. 

We are also noticing an improvement in his fine motor skills. This is especially apparent in his drawings. A recent work depicts a peacock, the detail of the plumage carefully picked out in watercolours.  


Richard’s artistic flourishing has been a pleasure for all his family, his mother and sister are regular attendees of our exhibitions and enjoy showing Richard’s work to their friends. They are also regular beneficiaries of his art, as he loves to make his own greeting and birthday cards in sessions.