Our Impact

The impacts of our work are to be seen in the improved quality of life of our various beneficiaries. Find out more about each area and have a read of our Impact Report:

Improved social wellbeing

We achieve this through providing opportunities to build meaningful relationships with peers with and without learning disabilities, founded on a shared love of art. The safe and relaxed environment that Artbox provides is invaluable in bringing the artists out of themselves, encouraging communication and interaction that has led to the formation of strong friendships.

Everyone is together. It’s good to see everyone’s artwork. I feel happy inside to see everyone’s artwork.
— Shannon – Artist

Improved confidence and self-esteem

This is achieved through providing people with learning disabilities with the space and tools to express themselves through art, and the chance to build a positive identity as an artist. Receiving positive feedback and recognition for their work at our exhibitions helps reinforce positive emotions, while the sense of achievement and accomplishment is strengthened through receiving financial reward.

‘They were like, your work is good and it’s very funny, it tells like a story...amazing, it made me feel very good, made me feel like the way I am, I can show it in my work and in my painting.’
— Artbox artist

Earning money and being ambitious

Making art produces a tangible object that can be counted and exchanged for money. It is doing something, spending time doing it and getting money for it. This is of central importance to many of the artists and for most of the group, it’s the only time they experience earning money.

After the exhibition I’m happy because I get, I’m looking forward to the money. So I can use it for something good. Yeah or have a good holiday or, buy something for my house or my bedroom or whatever I want to do or use it for... It feels like a proper job that other people do
— Giulia – artist
Lekan_St Paul's.JPG

Increased independence

This is achieved through supporting artists as they try new experiences, and building their familiarity and confidence. Our supported trips have led to some of the artists visiting London art galleries independently, which is a fantastic achievement.

It’s great for developing self-esteem and a sense of independence...for my daughter, it has contributed to a little bit of growing up.
— Parent

Improving attitudes

This involves challenging negative stereotypes and focusing on what people with learning disabilities and autism can do. Our exhibitions increase the visibility of people with learning disabilities and autism within the art world and facilitate positive interactions between the artists and people with limited or no contact with people with learning disabilities and autism.

It was wonderful to get to meet the artists on the night. They are such a talented bunch and so charismatic. The piece I bought is currently on my desk in pride of place, and a constant reminder of you all and the fabulous evening. I absolutely love it!
— Visitor to an exhibition

Here are some of the artists talking about what art and Artbox means to them:

We've got ambitious plans for the future, and need your help. We want to open up new sessions for the artists, develop new activities, produce a wider range of artwork and products and one day, have our own studio!