Meet Hisba

Hisba has been coming to Artbox since we opened in 2011. She received her first ever salary through Artbox and later gained part-time paid employment in Sainsbury’s.

She continues to attend Artbox three times a week and volunteers with us for half a day, supporting other artists in the studio and helping to introduce new volunteers to Artbox.

I love volunteering at Artbox - it makes me feel confident through helping others. I’ve been here a long time and I know everyone who comes, they’re my friends. It makes me feel very proud to help the artists with their work and to tell people about what we do at Artbox.”
— Hisba

Hisba has continued to impress us. She has developed a popular style and sold a collection of her work to a company based in Bank, as well as a private hospital and a surgery in Central London.

She also gave a presentation about her art at the Royal Academy of Arts and gave a live interview on ITV news!

At Artbox I have developed new skills in computing, team meetings and communication. I feel I am growing to full potential. I feel like an international artist and I call myself an artist. It is not about being a famous artist, it’s about the
fun side of it and the financial.
— Hisba