Craft and Relaxation


Thursdays 10-1pm

Join our new craft and relaxation group!

This group will have a mix of craft activities, relaxation exercises and simple techniques that will help you to relax and deal with life’s stresses.

These activities and exercises can be easily used outside of the Artbox studio to bring a sense of calm and balance to your life.

You can try craft activities such as:

  • making clay pots

  • making paper

  • card making

  • jewellery making and more

  • dying fabric

The group will use a variety of materials such as clay, ink, paper, cloth and wood and will have opportunities to sell their work at markets and exhibitions.

Most of all, the group will be relaxed, friendly and supportive and a great opportunity to meet and get to know others!

Cost of a 3 hour class is £25 and includes exhibition and sales opportunities. We have a limited number of reduced price places, please get in touch for more details, or fill out the form below:

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