Meet Chantel

Chantel is nicknamed the ‘Collage Queen’ at Artbox, for her dedication and prowess in this medium. Since coming to Artbox, she has become known for her large smile and her artistic insatiability.

Chantel has enjoyed the opportunity to experiment with paint rollers, creating interesting textural contrasts with her smooth collaged elements. She has also worked with clay and making bookmarks. She has benefited from the product design focus that has been implemented in the group in which the artists are supported to see a project through from design stage to completion.

Chantel has been a foundational member of the new Thursday Craft and Relaxation group, run by Diana. This group focuses on using creativity to foster a sense of calm and wellbeing, and incorporates mindfulness and stress-busting techniques. The sessions begin and end with a relaxation exercise, in which the participants hone in on how they are feeling that day. This draws on the mindfulness principle that it is only by recognising our feelings and emotions that we can healthily process them. Mindfulness has been shown to benefit mental health and, given the high rates of mental ill health amongst adults with learning disabilities, has been made a priority for Artbox.


Chantel’s enjoyment of this group is testament to her adaptability as an artist. The ability to try new things and challenge oneself encourages mental flexibility, which is also associated with better mental health.

It’s always a pleasure to see Chantel at the studio, vibrant and enthusiastic, arriving early every week without fail because she can’t wait to get ‘stuck in’
— Studio volunteer