Meet Abbie


Abbie came to Artbox in the summer of 2018, and was among the first of the artists to join us in the new and larger studio. She is full of energy and enthusiasm, and is never daunted by a new process or technique.

In the past year she has expanded her artistic repertoire considerably, and has become much more experimental in outlook. She loves fantasy themes, and creates exciting figurative work, and has recently begun to create densely patterned canvases, filled with lines, dots and lashings of colour.

Abbie’s art has sold well at the exhibitions she has been part of, which is an immense source of pride for her. Abbie has also been able to attend a number of gallery and museum trips with her support workers and her brother John, which she enjoys a lot and she is able to expand on this in the studio.

In April, Facebook bought cards with a heart design by three Artbox artists, Abbie being one of them. These were distributed across five of their offices, and given to thousands of staff. Abbie’s art will be seen by countless people, another step to her recognition as an artist.