Pink - Lekan

Pink - Lekan

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  • Unframed
  • Archival Inkjet on Somerset Satin 330gsm Enhanced Paper

    50% of the profits from print sales are returned to the artists. The remaining 50% helps us to fund our workshops for adults with learning disabilities.

    About the artist:

    Lekan is always laughing. His infectious playfulness can reverberate around the group until each one of the studio volunteers is, for example, dancing around the room to Michael Jackson. His work embodies his playful nature, often featuring his favourite pastimes, which include going to parties, and eating cake. This year Lekan has been working on colourful disco scenes using masking tape on paper, layered and painted to create abstract patterns. Lekan becomes intensely absorbed with the placing of tape, working with a purposeful significance to create intentional sections and designs with carefully chosen colours. The result is a beautiful balance of pure measure and chaotic circumstance. 

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