Print Exhibition

In April we decided to have a small exhibition of our prints and some original pieces at Attic Self Storage in King’s Cross. It was really great to be able to show newly created pieces, meet a lot of new faces and offer a chance to buy affordable art.


Stories like Shruti’s are Artbox’s aim: to give people with learning disabilities the chance to explore their creativity and to experience the wonderful cultural experiences that the capital has to offer.

Swim Serpentine

A one mile outdoor swim round the Serpentine pond in Hyde Park.  I vaguely recalled a one mile swim in the school pool about 35 years earlier and found myself agreeing to take part: anything for a good cause!   

Studio volunteering

Volunteering at Artbox is always a very uplifiting experience: the artists are very positive, kind, thoughtful and funny and I can guarantee that you’ll leave each session with a very big smile!

Madeline AltermanComment
The 'Collage Queen'

Working with Chantel is uplifting, surprising, and always entertaining. She is undoubtedly one of the most enthusiastic artists and positive people I’ve ever met. You can't help but feel excited as soon as you see her exuberant smile.

Joel and Jake

Artbox volunteer Jake Lamerton tells us about working with Joel on his day centre project. 

When I first encountered Joel’s work at Artbox’s Cello Factory exhibition last year, I was immediately struck by one of his pieces. It was an incredibly detailed model of a bathroom in his day centre, an important space for Joel that was threatened by closure...